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We live in an era of dehumanization and virtualisation. For me as a sensitive human
being, it often feels almost impossible to live within this pace and shallowness. However,
I am lucky that music is so much a part of me and I think that there’s no other way to make
music, other than to do it sincerely with all that you are. I would like people to
experience something personal, genuine and completely vulnerable on this album. I feel
like we all need to start seeing each other as human beings, with the background story that
we all have. I long so much for more empathy in this crazy plastic world that we live in. We
all have our reasons to behave in the that we behave, and we all have a story to tell. Each
and every single one of those stories is worth hearing. Judging someone is so easy, but
feeling for the person, understanding them, can seem like the hardest thing to do
nowadays. If we only tried to do so, we’d figure out that they are not so different from
our stories after all. That’s why we completely undressed our souls on this album to make
you see we’re not that different from you.

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I am calm but I can also be like a rough sea during the storm. I am both fascinated and frightened by the

ocean. I absolutely love it when music gives me goosebumps, when I dive into the worlds of others,

when they can express the feelings and emotions better than I can. I really love the feeling when music

gets me moving, thinking – I get the same feeling when I sing because singing is so much a part of me. I

feel a lot, only when I stop thinking. It’s like every cell in my body sends a very specific signal in and out. I

adore the scent of forest, horses, and I am obsessed with dandelion yellow color. I am very boring but

also a total lunatic, it depends on a place and on who I hang out with. There is nothing better in this

World than letting go of everything and diving into the deepest spontaneity, and the preciousness of

silence that often go hand in hand. Silence speaks when words cannot


I love to act like a little kid because it’s freeing. I always thought I was not good enough, I thought could do nothing

right, I thought I was useless – except for one language, and it’s music. During the first year of High

School I started to make my first grunge “hits” and I thought I’d be the next Kurt Cobain. There’s just a

small step from Kurt Cobain to Ella Fitzgerald and I absolutely fell in love with her personality, the way

she embraced every inch of you with such grace as she flew over every phrase. Thanks to her I knew this

was what I wanted to do with my life. I’ve had a rough time when I stopped believing in me. I lost my

rose colored glasses , however year 2015 has changed everything. I have found people who

speak my language, and we are like a fast train you can’t stop, and we put the idea after idea out there,

we are mixing genres, moods, relationships, feelings, simply everything. Actually, the genre has never

got defined. I dare say it’s only got tuned a little. I enjoy playing with the colour of emotions, and I like so

many genres that I simply don’t want to choose one. In our Worlds, there are colours of

Jazz/blues/rock/country/soul/pop/rnb/etc. There is nothing that’d bring us more joy than just playing

around and not caring about what box it’s gonna fit in. When I make music on my own, I like to play with

electronic sounds that resonate with me and remind me of nature, but when we make music together

it’s a mix of everything that we’ve been carrying within our little worlds.


We all have our own inner worlds and I believe that we can get there through music and remind

ourselves of who we are, of the human aspects we all so much forgot about. That’s why I would call our

music human pop. My aim is to let people forget about all the definitions, labels, and boxes and just let

me lead them without judgement. Music heals everyone equally.



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